You Shop, You Earn

Recently we launched an affiliate program that anyone can signup and register for.

We will supply you with a unique link that is trackable and records how many sales you have generated from your promotions.

Anyways… this blog isn’t about that.

What we want you to know is that as an affiliate you can shop using your Unique ID Link and actually make commissions on your own purchases. That’s right… You Shop, You Earn!


It has to be done using your link though which is found under the Creatives tab in your account. If you want to give it a try simply go to your account and copy your unique link. Then paste that link into your browser and shop.

The link above is just for an example. Your Unique ID will be different and assigned to you only!

Be sure to read the blog post How It Works if you haven’t already. It goes over some other details that aren’t discussed here.

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